Xbox Avatars App Coming to Windows 10 Preview: Larry Hryb

When Xbox Avatars were launched on Xbox 360 they were the craze for quite a few months before the users finally settled down with them.

All that is old news now, and we have gone on from Xbox 360 to Xbox One; however, there is something from those days that you will be seeing again – and soon!

It has been revealed officially that the Xbox Avatars are now going to be available for the Xbox users on Windows 10 preview.

Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, Larry Hryb who is famously known for his gamertag, Major Nelson took to his official Twitter profile with an image showing off one of the Avatars and a text confirming that they will be there in the upcoming operating system.

We’re bringing the Avatars app to Xbox fans in the Windows 10 preview – more to share later this week.

So yeah, when I say soon it means much earlier than the commercial release of Windows 10; those who have the access to preview are going to be able to tell us soon how the app settles with us now. The app is also available on the Windows Store now.

As far as the image shared by Hryb is concerned, we have attached it below.

Windows 10 Avatars

That is all for now, but like Major Nelson says, Microsoft will be sharing more information regarding this in the next couple of days. Keep checking back with us because we will update as soon as anything else pops up.

In parallel news, it has been claimed by the chief executive officer of AMD that Windows 10 will be officially out by July. It still remains to be confirmed by the officials though.