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WWE 2K Games Could Come to Nintendo 3DS Pretty Soon

If you own a Nintendo 3DS and wish that the WWE 2K wrestling series could some day make it to your handheld, your luck might just have shined brighter than usual.

We have picked up a job posted by WWE itself which gives away a bit too much regarding the future platforms of the wrestling titles.

They are currently looking forward too hire a production assistant to work on video content from the WWE 2K wrestling titles, and when they gave examples of the platforms that the person should have expertise with, they also included Nintendo 3DS!

WWE’s Digital team is currently looking for a Production Assistant who exhibits a passion for producing and editing long- and short-form video game content for distribution on YouTube. This position will be part of a new and exciting WWE venture, covering the world of video games and gaming applications. The ideal candidate has working knowledge and appreciation for all things gaming across multiple platforms (ie: Xbox, PS4, 3DS, PC) and awareness of other YouTube gaming channels. This person also has experience in editing and post-production.

See the names of platforms listed in the brackets?

Alongside that, the developers have also mentioned Nintendo 3DS among the platforms for which they want an experienced person: “strong video game knowledge across various platforms (ie: Xbox, PS4, 3DS, PC).”

So yeah, that is twice they have mentioned Nintendo 3DS in one job listing; do we need any more evidence?

Obviously the developers are not going to confirm this yet as the job listing was not even posted by them; but why would they need a production assistant with knowledge of 3DS if no WWE 2K games get released on the handheld?

We’ll let you know if any of the officials confirm or deny this.