Triad Wars Own the Underworld Trailer Shows off City, Fights, Murders

Developers of Triad Wars lent an ear to the fans of the game as well as of Sleeping Dogs so that they could answer as many of the questions they have in a Reddit AMA some days ago.

While that brought forth a lot of details in textual form, many of us wished to see some real action going down. Apparently, United Front Games has been listening and they have also released a brand new trailer for the closed beta title.

In the embedded video above, you can watch Own the Underworld trailer where the gang wars in the open world city of Hong Kong are featured.

Needless to say, they come with a lot of blood being shed and a lot of inventive (and gruesome) ways being shown off to kill your enemies with.

It is a short one and a half minute long video but going through it you will see that while topping Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V might be out of the question, Triad Wars still has interesting stuff to show of its own.

Triad Wars is being developed for Microsoft Windows and is expected to hit the racks sometime in the second half of this year.