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Don’t Starve Together Gets Reign of Giants Expansion For Free

Don’t Starve Together has received a new content update which adds for free a vast majority of content from the Reign of Giants expansion pack for the original Don’t Starve game.

Klei Entertainment’s standalone cooperative survival multiplayer expansion to Don’t Starve is a gruesome experience, but one which also has its moments. If you missed out on the original game and its expansion pack, then this is the ideal time for you to try it out with friends and beat your head against the walls in frustration.

The update should being automatically as soon as you launch the game on Steam, in case your client hasn’t already downloaded it on its own.

Here’s the content that has been added:
New Playable Character – Wigfrid is a playable character who is a stage actress. She went a bit too deep into method acting for her latest role, an ancient Valkyrie. She only eats meat and excels in battle.

New Playable Character – Webber is a playable character who is a young boy. Specifically, he’s a young boy who lives inside of the spider who tried to eat him long ago. He’s a monster who has learned some tricks from his arachnid encasement.

New Season – Spring is a new season that brings heavy rains. With the rain comes more active flora and more aggressive fauna.

New Season – Summer is a new season that brings a blistering heat wave. Plants will shrivel and you will too if you don’t keep cool. Oh, and the season previously known as Summer will be henceforth known as Autumn.

Two new biomes – the Desert and the Deciduous Forest. Both are filled with new creatures, plants and gatherables. As with most things in Don’t Starve Together, they’ll help you survive. Or maybe kill you.