New Update Fixes Massive Minecraft Exploit and More

Apparently, a blogpost from the Pakistan-based developer Ammar Askar is working. What has been a grave Minecraft exploit for the past two years (and something that Mojang had been ignoring most of that time) has now been fixed.

A new update was released by the developers stating that the Minecraft exploit that allegedly enabled anyone to bring the game’s servers down with ease has now been fixed.

The developers posted on the official website of the game to let the players know that a new update was now available for download:

We have released a new version of Minecraft 1.8, called 1.8.4, which is now available for download in your launcher. This release fixes a few reported security issues, in addition to some other minor bug fixes & performance tweaks.

Here’s the list of fixes being made with the Minecraft 1.8.4 update:

  • [Bug MC-46771] – Pets follow spectator
  • [Bug MC-61758] – Vines no longer spread correctly in corners
  • [Bug MC-68642] – Certain characters cannot be typed on certain keyboard layouts (“AltGr” behaving like “Ctrl”)
  • [Bug MC-73504] – Nether portals place players in front of the portal
  • [Bug MC-78495] – Duplicating items
  • [Bug MC-79079] – Malicious clients can force a server to freeze
  • [Bug MC-79612] – Malicious clients can force a server to go out memory
  • [Bug MC-78020] – User (formerly known as olduser) has joined shows multiple times

We have covered the Minecraft exploit in question over here, and those of you who are interested in find out more about it can go ahead and read up.

It is good that the developers have fixed the problem but wouldn’t it be better if they had taken people like Askar more seriously in the first place?