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NBA 2K15 Predicts Golden State Warriors Will Win NBA Finals

If you followed the NHL 2015 predictions given by the game for the Stanley Cup Finals, you would know that they not only predicted an Anaheim win they even managed to predict the exact score.

Now that we have them as an example of what these games can pull off, let me tell you that NBA 2K15 is predicting an upset against LeBron James’s Cleveland Cavaliers at the hands of Golden State Warriors!

The NBA 2K15 simulation – albeit unscientific – has been predicting the outcomes for all the games that are to come. If you visit the official Facebook page of the game, you will come across a summary of what will go down and how – according to the simulation.

The summary takes you through the first round all the way to the finals and down to the sixth game which, according to them will come after Golden State Warriors get defeated by Cleveland Cavaliers in the game five.

After that, they say that the game six will ultimately allow Stephen Curry to take the crown. Here’s the part specific to that game:

The Warriors would ultimately respond behind Stephen Curry’s 46 point performance in game 6 en route to the NBA Championship, defeating the Cavs 113-104with backcourt star Steph Curry earning Finals MVP. This series showcased two of the best teams in basketball, and it did not disappoint. NBA 2K15’s simulation of this wild road only proved one thing – we’re in for a wild ride this NBA playoffs.

So tell us, do you think that the NBA 2K15 predictions for the finals can come true? If not, who do you think will be the winner?