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MGS 5: The Phantom Pain Doesn’t Have Quiet as Playable Character

Fans of Metal gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain are definitely looking forward to Snake, but what about other characters coming is as playable?

Well, as far as Quite is concerned, you are out of luck.

Stefanie Jootsen, the actress who plays the role of Quiet in the game has revealed that while she is in the game, the characters is not going to be playable.

She was interviewed by Het Parool, a Dutch newspaper (thanks Metal Gear Informer) where she revealed the news alongside discussing the development process that she was a part of and her experience with it.

It was actually pretty interesting how she got inducted into the cast of The Phantom Pain – seeing how she had never held a gun before it:

There was a crate with gun replicas. ‘Take one, and pretend like you’re infiltrating an army base’, they said. Kind of awkward, because I had no idea how to hold this thing. Fortunately, I could draw inspiration from the games I play, the other girls didn’t have a clue at all.

Whether it was her acting skills, expressions or her experience with gaming, Jootsen got selected and apparently she got professional training specially for the role:

I received professional combat training. Quiet is a sniper, so I had to be able to handle a gun. The other participating actors were all men who used to be in the army, but for me it was completely new.

All this sounds pretty interesting, don’t you think it would have been great if Quiet was playable in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain?

Oh and a last tidbit, Quiet doesn’t say a word in the whole game; probably it is her minuscule dresses that do the talking.