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Life is Strange Episode 3 Releases in May: Dotnod Entertainment

The developers of highly acclaimed interactive drama graphic adventure video game Life is Strange have a lot in store for the fans in the coming month!

Dotnod Entertainment, the developers of the episodic title have taken to the official Twitter profile of the game announcing that Life is Strange Episode 3 is going to hit the racks next month!

On the Twitter profile they tweeted “it’s great to hear so many of you are excited for Episode 3 which will be released in May! (official date TBA).”

As they said, the exact release date will be announced at a later date, but it is good that the development seems to be going according to the plans.

The confirmation is specially important because the release of Life is Strange Episode 2 had its fair share of confusions where the statements provided by the publishers and the developers didn’t match on top of what Square Enix called a delay.

If you are not sure whether you want to play Life is Strange Episode 3, let us tell you that the last episode was regarded as something that leaves you wanting for more – despite having some flaws of its own. You can read up more about it here. The episode went live on March 24, so you can try it out now in case you have missed out so far.

In the end, lets hope that the upcoming episode of the game doesn’t have the same fate as the last one. A buggy build of episode two was leaked before the developers finished polishing it.

Will you play Life is Strange Episode 3?