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Heroes of the Storm Officially Releases in June

Heroes of the Storm will officially launch on June 2, Blizzard has announced.

The company’s take on the MOBA genre will head into an open beta on May 20. Before this, only those with an invite were able to enjoy the game but come May 20, everyone will be freely able to jump into the game.

This will give players around a couple of weeks to familiarize themselves with the game’s rather simple mechanics, and decide if they are prepared enough to head into Ranked Play on June 2.

Compared to other popular titles in the same genre, Heroes of the Storm relies heavily on cooperative play than solo play. I understand that this is the same statement that every game gives off, but from what I’ve heard from people playing the game, Heroes of the Storm can be frustrating if players decide to go alone.

Heroes of the Storm will boast more than thirty playable characters at launch, each coming from the different lore universes Blizzard has created over the decades. The game is currently only releasing for the PC, and Blizzard has not mentioned any plans to bring it over to other platforms. MOBA games rarely arrive on consoles, seeing how they require the precision of a mouse and keyboard.