GTA V PC Version All Graphics Setting Compared in Video

It has been a little while since the GTA V PC version finally make it to the markets – to the utmost joy of millions of PC gamers.

Which means that none of you would be over the game yet, in fact, you are only just starting. So to get the GTA V PC version up to the mark, here’s a vide comparison of all the graphics settings for the game.

The video embedded above compares all teh different setting options for numerous features like textures, shader quality, shadows (with and without high resolution), extended shadow distance, reflection quality, water quality, grass quality, and tons of other similar features that you can adjust.

Checking out the video you will see that playing the game on normal settings and high or very high settings can make one hell of a difference in your experience.

That being said, if you have been worried about the issues faced by the game in terms of frame rates and others, your worries are over since Rockstar has released patch 1.01 to get rid of all those issues.

If you are still having other problems while playing GTA V PC version shout out in the comments below.