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Star Ocean 5: Lead Characters, Combat and Environments Detailed

New details have arrived for Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness regarding its protagonists, environments, combat, and more.

Fidel Camus, 23 years old and born in the village of Stahl, is the game’s male hero who has inherited swordsmanship from his father who is recognized as one of the most powerful swordsmen in the entire kingdom of Resuria. At his young age, Fidel has an important role to fulfill which is crucial for the safety of the planet during the unstable period known as the Seven Years of Darkness.

Miki Sovesta, 18 years old and born in the same village, is the game’s female heroine who has chosen the staff as her weapon of choice. Both she and Fidel are childhood friends, and regards him as an elder brother. Sovesta is also trained in healing abilities thanks to the Art of the Cursed Mark, a special kind of magic that can be used by only those who have special tattoos on their bodies.

The events of the game take place seven years after the appearance of monsters called “Cursed Mark Creatures” who have since then been attacking the population. The King has tried sending teams to survey the situation and cause of their appearance, but nothing substantial has been found so far.

In the seven years, the threat of the monsters have caused governments to topple and turn against each other. Neighboring countries are in a constant state of war and this period is hence known as the Seven Years of Darkness.

Star Ocean 5 has seen to tremendous improvements over its past games. According to Square Enix, there is going to be seamless transition between exploration and combat. Players will be able to switch between characters on the fly during battles, which is important because each character will feature a unique set of skills and attack patterns.

The battle system is more powerful and tactical, which is currently being improved even further. “Seamless Real-Time Battle” allows players to initiate combos by pressing the attack button repeatedly. Skills can be triggered at any time and mixed with normal attacks. Effects of each attack will depend on the distance of enemies.

There will be no loading times between story events and battles. Square Enix is calling it “Seamless Event Scenes” and it’s possible to have scenarios where enemy ambushes will take allies as hostages.

Star Ocean 5 is in development for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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