Star Wars Battlefront: How is the Gameplay?

After so much teasing and giving us nothing but tid bits about the game, EA finally showed us Star Wars Battlefront. It was also revealed that the footage they showed, was created using in-game assets. So expect the visuals to be pretty similar to what we have seen.

However, we were still not given a proper look at actual gameplay. Thankfully, some new details have emerged via people who have seen some gameplay footage.

The demo began at the forest moon of Endor, where a bunch of rebels were passing through. They were engaged by Stormtroopers on three speeder bikes, while more Stormtroopers were on the way.

The battle is soon interrupted by a massive AT-AT, the rebels try their best to take down the giant but their weapons are useless against its thick armor. Those rebels then reach a communication terminal and request an airstrike. Y-Wings come to their rescue and attack the AT-AT.

Interestingly, the footage keeps switching between first and third person mode.

After the AT-AT is destroyed, the rebels head toward a bunker. Inside it, one rebel runs forward but is suddenly scooped in the air by an invisible entity. As the rebel is choking, Lord Vader appears on screen.

He throws the rebel aside and moves towards the camera, other rebels fire at him but he uses his iconic lightsaber to deflect each shot.

The music, art and enemy style, shows how hard DICE is working to make sure Battlefront is the best video game adaption of the movie franchise. From whatever we have seen, heard, or read about the game so far, Star Wars Battlefront is nothing short of perfection.

DICE is using a technique called photogrammetry, in which real life scans are used to create in-game assets. This process is used by the developers to create a number of models and props in the game. It will help make each and every object from the original films used in Battlefront look authentic. This means that the X-Wings or Stormtroopers you see in Battlefront, are actually from the movies.

The amazing amount of detail and resemblance to the films is what I noticed when I first saw the reveal trailer. I’m sure every Star Wars fan noticed the same thing.

Another process known as PBR (physically-based rendering) was used to create an environment that’s comparable to the movie in terms of fidelity. DICE  also visited several locations where the movies were shot and scanned them.

DICE not only wants to recreate some epic moments from Star Wars, but also wants to add its own touch to it. Whether that is the right thing to do remains to be seen.

Epic battles will be recreated and DICE is introducing something called “hero” and “villain” moments. It isn’t yet known how these moments are going to be triggered.

Some form of unlock will allow players to appear as a hero or villain on the map. Players will have different abilities and they’ll be powerful enough to changes the dynamics of the match. General Manager Patrick Bach referred to it as becoming “the boss of the battle.”

Everyone will want you dead, because your the most powerful entity on the map. There will be a huge clash if a hero appears on the other side of the map.

Matches in the game will support up to 40 players, so expect complete mayhem on the maps. Footage shown at a recent event focused on Walker Assault, one of the game’s touted modes.

During this mode, some popular Star Wars vehicles will be available to the players. For example, AT-ATs, AT-STs, TIE Fighters, X-Wings, Millennium Falcon and more.

That’s it for now, Star Wars Battlefront is expected to make an appearance at E3. We’ll bring you all the details related to the game, so stay-tuned.