Shadow of the Beast Gameplay Shown in Pre-Alpha Footage

We have been hearing about Shadow of the Beast since August last year when Sony discussed the game alongside Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End – the two being PlayStation 4 exclusives.

However, soon after that the game almost vanished from the scene for four months until the developers reiterated that the game was on track, only to vanish once more for another four months.

the last we heard of it though was only a couple of days ago when some interesting off-screen images reinvigorated the interest in the game.

Now we have something even better for you. A pre-alpha footage of Shadow of the Beast has been revealed. Despite being far from the finished product, it does show potential.

The game is a sidescroller which is expected to run oat 1080p and 60FPS, and in the video above you can see how it would look.

The beast, as you can see, fights a pretty bloody fight – there’s blood all over the ground and the camera every time an enemy goes down. It looks quite interesting for a sidescroller.

You might think that the gameplay is a bit bland, but do consider that it is just the pre-alpha build of Shadow of the Beast.

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