H1Z1 Test Server Goes Live to Test New Builds

H1Z1 had a shaky start on PC and since then developers have been working hard to make sure they make up for their mistakes with the game. H1Z1 is in a pretty decent shape now but plenty of improvements are still required.

More stable builds of H1Z1 will be rolled-out but they will be offered to the players on a test server, so bugs and issues can be fixed according to feedback.

QA should be the top priority and DayBreak realizes that.

Participating to test early builds on the test server depends on the player, if he/she wants to volunteer or not. However, the developers say that they would like a plethora of people to participate and give their feedback.

With your help we should be able to push out much more stable builds. Keep an eye on Reddit and Twitter for when we push a new build to the Test Server and what is going onto it.

Participating in the Test Server is totally on a volunteer basis but the more people who do test a build, the better it will be. Thanks in advance for the people who want to participate.

The new test server is dubbed as “Early Early Access,” and presents a similar model to DayZ. Hopefully, all the problems and issues will be sorted out before H1Z1 heads to PlayStation 4.

Are you planning to participate? And Do you think this test server will benefit H1Z1?