Giuliana Rancic Is Returning With Fashion Police

Fashion Police, E! co-host Giuliana Rancic confirms that she will be returning with the show as soon as E! brings it back from the halt.

The show was lifted from TV when a controversy regarding Rancic passing a racial remark broke out. At the Oscars special Rancic said that Zendaya’s hair looked terrible and it ‘smelt of patchouli oil or weed’.

She exclusively revealed on Access Hollywood this Wednesday that she believes if her small remark got recognized all over this means that a lot of people watch the show. This gives the producers and herself the biggest motivation for returning.

I think more than ever, [Fashion Police] is definitely coming back, because [the controversy] shows that a lot of people were watching the show and enjoyed the show. So yeah, it’s coming back in September, in time for the Emmys. I have a great marriage, and we’re thinking maybe something in the relationship space to help people—not just bring them on to fight and get ratings—but actually bring them on to talk about their problems and get them a real solution to their problems.

When Billy and Kit asked her whether she thinks Kelly Osbourne ‘turned on her’, to which she replied that Osbourne was rather sweet and that she supported her when everything happened but later she just doesn’t know what went wrong.

I don’t think so… there were issues, a lot of people had problems with the new season before it aired without Joan [Rivers] there. There were just a lot of problems. I don’t know what was behind these moves.

Although she claims that her remark was a general one without propagating the racial difference, a lot of people criticized her with co-host Kelly Osbourne quitting the show.