Did Mass Effect 4 Story and Gameplay Details Leak Online?

It has been just a few days since BioWare shot in the dark saying that the characters featured in Mass Effect 4 are “insanely detailed.” However, that is just the kind of a small detail that they would share at this stage for a big title like the next Mass Effect game.

Naturally, it will not make as much sense as this little detail if we told you that the development studio had allegedly revealed so much about the game’s story and gameplay that you could fill pages writing about it.

That is exactly what one Reddit user is claiming; he says that he was a part of a survey conducted by BioWare for Mass Effect 4, and apparently, they sent him home with boatloads of unannounced details on the game.

Taking all this with a massive grain of salt, we are going to try and sum up the highlights.

As far as the game’s setting is concerned, he says that you are “a pathfinder, a combat trained but un-tested explorer leading an expedition into the Helius cluster to establish a new home for humanity,” the Helius Cluster is in the Andormeda Galaxy.

In your missions “you will recruit seven distinct crew members to fight by your side,” with different specializations and you will try and “find valuable resources and blueprints of long forgotten alien technology that will allow you to craft better equipment and weapons.”

The characters you recruit will work a lot like they used to in Dragon Age Inquisition; their loyalty will vary and you will be able to maneuver them by your choices.

Moving on, there will be active strike team missions and deployed strike team missions where you send troops on your behalf. Mass Effect 4 will also have a horde mode, you will be establishing settlements, the dialogue will have meaningful choices and you will be able to travel to the next Mass Effect universe seamlessly.

The alleged survey also reveal Khet Outposts and Remnant Vault Raids alongside driving and upgrading Mako.

There is a lot more where this came from, go here to read up and tell us whether you would like it if this was to be true for Mass Effect 4.