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Age of Empires II HD Expansion Will Add African Factions

Not too long ago, Age of Empires II HD developer Forgotten Empire announced a new expansion, that was said to add a new civilization, game modes and more.

At the time no details were provided regarding how, when and what exactly are we getting. That has now changed to some extent, as developers have shared some new details about the upcoming expansion. Age of Empires II HD is getting new playable factions from Africa, according to new details.

The first faction they revealed is The Berbers, which according to Forgotten Empire was highly requested by the community.

This isn’t the first time we are seeing this faction though, as the original El Cid campaigns from “The Conquerors” gave us a glimpse of The Berbers. At that time they were referred to as Saracens.

Berbers, however, are more than worthy of becoming an Age of Empires civilization. With dynasties across Northern Africa, the ancient Berbers will primarily be a Cavalry & Naval civilization. They’ll have 2 unique units and will also feature a unique technology that affects the entire team

Age of Empires II

Because the expansion is in early development, there isn’t much to share. However, we do know that The Berbers will get their own campaign.

Forgotten Empire hasn’t named the expansion, or announced a release date. More information will be shared with us soon. So check back with us for more updates on Age of Empires II HD.