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Pillars of Eternity Patch 1.04 is Live, Notes Revealed by Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian Entertainment has launched the Pillars of Eternity Update 1.04 and also shared the patch notes for the massive update.

According to the official website of the development studio, the patch is aimed at improving numerous issues related to the items, spells, abilities, quests and companions.

Alongside that, there are dozens of general fixes that don’t fall under the aforementioned categories. We have listed down the notes relating to items, spells and abilities below, check them out and visit the official forums of Pillars of Eternity to know more about the rest of them:

Items, Spells, and Abilities

  • AoE indicators should now properly resize if the caster has a sub 10 Intellect score.
  • Fixed an issue with over-time aura spells not applying the correct value on the final tick.
  • Knock Down will now correctly be applied for the full duration of the effect.
  • Mantle of The Dying Boar will now trigger at 33% Endurance with the effect of 5 Endurance a tick.
  • Talisman of the Unconquerable will now give a 1.25 Focus multiplier instead of .25.
  • Blooded should trigger properly in all cases now.
  • Boar Animal Companion bonus damage should now work as intended.
  • Prone Reduction mod should now work correctly.

In case of companions and quests, they have attended to numerous issues relating to the dialogues and communication with or between companions namely Sagani, Aloth, Kana, Falanroed and Durance. Similarly, certain fixes have been made to Oldsong, Heritage Hill, Ogre Lair, Catacombs of Od Nua, Master’s Tools and A Two Story Job.

Check out the full patch notes for Pillars of Eternity Update 1.04 at the link given above and tell us if Obsidian Entertainment missed out on anything important.