GTA V PC to Get Fix for Windows Install Bug Today

Sadly, some of the fans of GTA V PC version are already having difficulty installing the game owning to something as meagre as the username of their Windows administrator user account.

The issue has been out there for a while and the developers not only acknowledged it but stated that they were working on it.

We have identified an issue where players with Windows usernames that include characters not found in the table at the bottom of this page will likely run into difficulties when attempting to download, install, or play GTAV. We are currently working on a fix for this issue.

This was followed by an update yesterday that stated that “the expected date for a fix is Friday, April 17.”

However, if you don’t want to wait the couple of extra hours before the fix comes out to your GTA V PC version, Rockstar Games has already provided the players with a workaround that is going to sort things out for the time being.

If you wish to be able to install the game before the fix arrives, you will “need to create a new Administrator User Account for your Windows system that only includes letters A to Z, a to z or numbers 0-9 from the basic roman alphabet” and then “restart your PC and log in with that account before starting or continuing with the installation process.”

Do remember, however, that you will have to create a new account and not rename an old one.

That being said, the popularity of GTA V PC version has started to show in quantifiable figures, for instance it now has the highest number of concurrent players on Steam now. So issues like these will need to rectified as soon as possible.