Super Smash Bros Update Nerfs Diddy Kong, Details Inside

A couple of hours ago we reported on the possibility that Ryu from Street Fighter and Roy from Fire Emblem could be making their way to Super Smash Bros.

Naturally, that is supposed to fire things up a lot. However, it is something Diddy Kong has already been doing in the game for a while. The character was so powerful in the game that the developers have had to nerf things for him.

If you also hated the powerful attacks that Diddy Kong has in the game, you will be interested in finding out what exactly has changed. So here’s the list of changes that we have spotted on a sub-Reddit where the recent update for the game is being discussed and detailed:

  • Uair nerfed from 8% to 6%, Knockback reduced.
  • Fair nerfed from 12%/10% to 10%/8%, Knockback reduced.
  • Uthrow nerfed from 10% to 8%, Knockback reduced.
  • Dthrow nerfed from 7% to 6%, Knockback unchanged but Hit-stun reduced.
  • Monkey Flip (kick) nerfed 14%/12% to 12%/10%, Knockback reduced.
  • Monkey Flip (grab) nerfed 12% to 10%, Knockback reduced.
  • Banana (Throw) nerfed from 7% to 5%

Interestingly, the fans of the game have received the changes with such glee that they are referring to “that feeling when the two most annoying characters in the game get nerfed (diddy and sonic).” You might be one of them.

In parallel news, the MewTwo DLC is finally available now, if you own the 3DS as well as the Wii U version of the game you will get it for free. If you only own one, you will have to purchase it for $3.99.

Are you glad that Diddy Kong has been nerfed in Super Smash Bros?