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WWE 2K16 Will be “Extremely Provocative,” Jim Ross Involved in Development

Back in February this year, 2K Games was asking the series fans to give them suggestions regarding the development of WWE 2K16. That worked well, apparently and now the game is in full flow of development – hopefully.

Ever since then we have heard that Sasha Banks was the first named character of the game, followed by speculation that the game might reintroduce the Create A Finisher Mode to the players.

More recently, Rosa Mendes was confirmed to be a part of WWE 2K16. The latest that we have for you is that Jim Ross, the famed commentator for WWE might be a part of the game in some capacity.

The news was outed by Ross himself on his official blog where he also revealed that the upcoming title in the wrestling series was going to be really, really provocative:

In talks with 2K Sports to do some work on their next video game for WWE. Love the process and from what I’m told the new game will be extremely provocative and certainly has my attention already. Stay tuned.

Sadly Jim Ross neither discussed what sort of a role he was going to play in the game nor did he explain what he meant by “extremely provocative” in this sentence.

However, we can make our guesses.

As far as Ross’ part in the game is concerned, I think that since he is known for his commentary, it would only make sense that that is what he does, we haven’t really seen him wrestle lately have we?

WWE 2K16 will get more details soon, and we will be sharing them with you in due time. Keep checking back for more.