WildStar Launches Mystery Box Promotion For Boxed Copies

Carbine Studios and NCSOFT have announced a Mystery Box Promotion for its fantasy/science fiction MMORPG, WildStar.

For a limited time, players who purchase a standard-edition physical copy of the game will get one of three “awesome items” aptly named Snarfelynx Mount, Glitter Kitty Cruiser Hoverboard, and a Marauder Costume Set.

These items will not be locked to your account and can be traded with friends, sold on the auction house or just kept as a memorabilia. That’s perfect since there’s a high chance that you’ll end up with duplicate items. There’s an incentive for collecting all three. If you somehow managed to acquire all three items, you’ll earn yourself a special title.

If the Mystery Box Promotion has piqued your interest, simply head over to a participating retailer that is selling WildStar and purchase a boxed copy. Redeeming the key will add thirty days of free play-time. When you log into the game, you’ll receive a Mystery Box in your in-game mail which will randomly contain one of the three items.

WildStar Promotion 01

WildStar Promotion 02

WildStar Promotion 03

A couple of months ago it was revealed that WildStar is having a tough time keeping its financials afloat. Last year the studio was hit with lay-offs and this year NCSOFT is looking towards getting the game back on its feet. Unfortunately, its financial reports are anything but promising – indicating a strong drop with each quarter and earning just $5,004 million in the last quarter opposed to $25,57 million in the second quarter of 2014.