The Possibility of Joe Montana Football 16 Being an Xbox Exclusive

America is crazy about Football and everything related to it and that includes video games. Madden by EA is the most popular American football game across the globe, however, many fans have concerns over how EA has monetized this franchise and how it has become a bit boring over the years.

Same is the case with Fifa, but that franchise has Pro Evolution Soccer to keep it on its toes. Madden doesn’t have a strong competitor to do the same but that could be changing soon.

Back in March, Joe Montana – the iconic NFL quarterback shared the news of his football game called Joe Montana Football 16. Nothing much is known about the project, apart from its development using the Unreal Engine 4.

Joe shared a screenshot as well at that time, which didn’t give us much.

However, one of his recent tweets indicates that the game could be an exclusive to Xbox. Joe recently visited Microsoft’s Seattle HQ which could be due to a publishing deal with the software giant.

His visit begs the question, why would he be visiting MS? The only answer that comes to mind is Joe Montana Football 16. Nothing has been confirmed yet but we could hear more about his visit or a possible deal with MS in the coming weeks.

Well, it could also be that Microsoft is trying to get some exclusive content for Xbox as it’s becoming a trend these days. So yes, it could mean anything.

Moreover, even if the game turns out to be great, it won’t be easy to compete with Madden. EA has licensing agreements with both NFL and NFLPA, which makes life difficult for Joe’s game. Simply put, due to this licensing deal Joe won’t be able to use real life teams or players in his game.

It will be interesting to see how things move forward with Joe Montana Football 16. Check back with us for more updates.