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Suits Season 5 to Feature Christina Cole as a Psychiatrist

Season 5 which comes back in June has cast Christina Cole to play the character of a psychiatrist.

Is Harvey Specter finally going to find his perfect match? Or is this new entry going to make him realize that he belongs to Donna.

Well to find that out, we have to wait until the season premieres again. We are not the only ones confused about the Donna-Harvey.

Showrunner Aaron Korsh said earlier that Donna leaving Harvey could mean so many things and with this new addition to the family things just got exciting.

“Donna leaving Harvey could lay the foundation for them ultimately getting together, or it could lay the foundation for her ultimately moving on and getting with someone else. However, if she was really fully ready to move on, she wouldn’t have gone to work for someone within the firm, she would have left, so subconsciously I don’t think she’s ready to move on and maybe she is hoping this gets Harvey to change his mind or see her in a certain way.”

So Dr. Paula Agard (Cole) is a psychiatrist from Harvard who consults corporations. Harvey and Agard are certain to play the cat and mouse chase in the new season.

Pearson Specter Litt is a bit shaken after the victory. However, they will manage to survive and with Mike and Rachel going head over heels after the marriage proposal, this might also bring some new drama.

Suits season 5 premieres on USA Network on June 24.