“Slow Down, Bull” is Insomniac Games’ First Ever Game for PC

Insomniac Games has amazed us for the past decade with games like Resistance series for PlayStation 3 and Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One. Now, it’s time for PC gamers to get some love from Insomniac.

Yes! The renowned developer is going to release its first ever PC game later this month. Titled Slow Down, Bull, it looks nothing like this studio has released before.

The developer has described this game as an “action collecting-game,” and is about an overachieving bull named Esteban. Rather than eating grass all day and pooping all over the place, this bull wanted to be an artist. Players will steer Esteban to collect as many decorations for his art pieces before time runs out.

The more you steer him, the more stressed he gets. So be careful and don’t trigger his rampage, otherwise he will destroy the decorations he came out to get.

Bull features beautiful hand-drawn art, stylized characters, unique gameplay, and of course, humor. At its core, Slow Down, Bull is an action-collecting game with a beautiful school craft art-style. We think you’ll enjoy exploring the five worlds while meeting new critter friends and avoiding Annette the Bullcatcher

Considering the talent Insomniac has, it’s surprising how simple their first PC project is. To me, it’s sort of a disappointment as I expected more for PC from this developer.

Still, Slow Down, Bull looks like a fun game to play and I would definitely be giving it a try. According to the announcement post, the game is slated for an April 20 release on Steam.

You can read more about it over at the official Steam page. Do you think Insomniac should have done more for their debut on PC? Or is Slow Down, Bull is enough for now?