Shadow of the Beast Off-Screen Images Appear Online, Looks Incredible

Remember Shadow of the Beast? You don’t? Don’t worry I almost forgot about it too. The game was announced by Sony at GamesCom 2013, but since then we have heard nothing about the title. There may have been some tid bits but I don’t remember coming across something big.

Anyways, thankfully even after a long silence, we now know that the title isn’t in development hell. Couple of screenshots from the pre-alpha build were recently shared online, by Lead Community Manager at Sony Xdev Studio Europe who visited Sony’s event in London.

Shadow of the Beast PS4 is being developed by Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs, and even in the pre-alpha build of the game, it looks great. This indicates the hard work developers have put in to Shadow of the Beast.

The brutal 2D side-scrolling action game is a thing of beauty.

shadow of the beast 1

You will explore the world of Karamoon and discover its deep and dark secrets. The epic journey will pin you against a range of different enemies during your quest to overthrow the evil Maletoth.

You can draw power from the blood of enemies to unlock new moves and skills to battle hordes of creatures. Shadow of the Beast also allows players to summon other players into the game to help you fight.

You can also “enter Survival mode to put yourself to the test against increasingly cunning enemies in endless, brutal combat.”

Shadow of the Beast is without a release date but expect more details in the near future.