Drake Speaks About The Coachella Kiss: ‘Don’t Misinterpret My Shock!’

All Drake fans who were living on the hope and assuming that Drake was ‘disgusted’ by the onstage make out session with Madonna, I have a bad news for you. The 28 year old singer finally spoke about his post-kiss reaction.

On Sunday April 12 Madonna kissed Drake during a performance at the Coachella Music Festival 2015. After that social media was flooded with hate and comments such as ‘sucking the life force’ out of Drake. After a day and a half of silence, here we are, he decided to speak up.

Drake posted a picture on his Instagram saying that he was not disgusted by the action; he thanked Madonna and said she gave him the time of his life.

Madonna also joked about the kiss-frenzy on her Instagram where she said that she had to move his hand out of her hair.

“Dont touch the hair! Lol @coachella #bigasmadonna #bitchimmadonna.”

Both stars seem to be open about it and Drake especially is not ‘disgusted’. Although the expression that he gave in the video looked kind of ‘oh I’m about to throw up’ to me, but if the star himself says it is not the case, we ought to believe him.

Two days have gone by and we are still talking about the ‘kiss’ and I have a feeling that the two stars are going to talk about it more.