Cities: Skylines Has Sold One Million Copies in One Month

One month! That’s how long it took for Cities: Skylines to sell one million copies. It’s one of the most popular games among modding community, and one USA city mayor even claims he learned his city management skills from the game.

Cities: Skylines, teaching city management skills since March 10, 2015.

One of the reasons behind its popularity is how it gives complete freedom to the player. You can play it offline, choose from over 33,000 mods (and counting) and build your cities the way you want to.

If I was at EA, I would be worried about the future of SimCity. Surely, EA can learn a thing or two from Cities: Skylines developer Paradox Interactive.

CEO of Paradox Interactive Fredrik Wester said at the occasion:

We continue to be amazed at just how players have embraced Cities: Skylines. The game is still selling at a steady pace, which is remarkable for a game that has been on sale for well over a month. Once again, we want to thank everyone that has supported and continues to support this game.

It’s really amazing how our community has shown a great deal of support for this beautiful game, and also showed EA what they are doing wrong with SimCity.

If you still haven’t played the game, download it from Steam for $39.99. You can also check out the top ten Cities: Skylines mods, to help you get started in the modding scene.

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