Another Burnout Game? “Best Things Come to Those Who Wait,” Says Developer

I have to say I loved Burnout, the shear car mayhem was something I never saw before in video games. Every racer I played I crashed and burned, collided with other cars, which did nothing but slow me down.

However, Burnout changed things and I was allowed to run over my opponents and have fun doing so. The awesome feeling you get when you crush your opponents’ car, I want that to come back, don’t you?

Could we see another game in the series? No doubt with the power of current-gen hardware a new game will be mind blowing won’t it?

Burnout developer and current Director at Three Fields Entertainment Alex Ward, took to twitter recently to tease a new racing game. Is it Burnout? Or something similar?

“Best things come to those who wait,” is what Ward has to say at the moment. I doubt we will see a Burnout title that’s developed by Three Fields Entertainment, but I would love to see a new take on the concept.

Correct me if I’m wrong, the last game in the series we played was Burnout Paradise for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Later on we saw a spin-off called Burnout Crash for PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS in 2011.

So I believe it’s high time we get a new game but we’ll have to hear something from Publisher EA, who have been releasing Burnout games after Acclaim Entertainment went bankrupt.

Burnout or something similar but new? Let us know what you think.