Star Wars Battlefront Comes First on Xbox One, Gameplay Footage Expected

By   /   Apr 14, 2015
Star Wars: Battlefront

The last time we talked about Star Wars Battlefront was when in-game graphics were shown off in the reveal trailer a couple of days ago.

However, that was just the reveal trailer and not the original gameplay, so people would of course wait before speculating what the game actually looks like. On that front, the developers are teasing a gameplay video that could come out as soon as next week.

In my opinion, that is not the biggest news. The bigger news here are the couple of images (see at the end of the post) shared by the developers boasting the insane detail that the game’s graphics will feature coupled with the boisterous tweets made by EA developers.

For instance, the Global Community Manager for Star Wars Battlefront is tweeting “on the agenda next week: Break the Internet.” Similarly, the Game Play Analyst Christian Johannesén says it will be “the destruction of the Internet: It will be as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in excitement.”

“I’m going to answer a question in advance: Yes, that is actually what the game looks like,” was the tweet from Dennis Brännvall, the Lead Level Designer – all referring to the images being teased on Instagram by EA.

In the slew of tweets from the developers Aaron Greenberg, the Xbox Marketing Lead took to twitter and repplied to a fan’s tweet asking “are we ready” with this:


A photo posted by EA Star Wars (@eastarwars) on


A photo posted by EA Star Wars (@eastarwars) on

So yeah, Star Wars Battlefront is coming first on Xbox One, who is ready for the action!?

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