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Person of Interest: Producer Discusses The Return of Detective Carter

[Spoiler Alert] Person of Interest episode 20 was like déjà vu, Joss Carter is dead but she still gets to live forever in flashbacks. In today’s episode, all fans were on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Taraji P. Henson’s Joss Carter and John Reese played by Jim Caviezel meet in a flashback sequence, where Carter reappears as Reese investigates one of her old cases. He is dealing with some personal issues and needs Carter to help him get through.

In a call interview with TV Fanatic, Jonathan Nolan who is the creator and producer of the show revealed a major plot twist, reason behind bringing Carter back and why they chose this specific episode for the comeback.

Nolan said that they always wanted to bring Taraji back and wanted to show the fans how Carter brings out the emotional side of the cold-hearted good guy. This season highlights the emotional growth of Reese.

“It was last year I said we should come up with a killer way to bring revisit her character and showcase the emotional growth – or lack thereof – for Reese this season. His pretending to be a normal person and highlighting the fact that he is far from a normal person…Carter was always the character who could speak most directly to him and cut through the nonsense.”
“We wanted a case; really, to be a straight homicide… we wanted a straight, cold-blooded perpetrator that Reese would stumble into… Reese is pretending to be a municipal police officer so he has a day job so you get sucked into these very dark universes unto themselves and so we wanted a family story that the logic of which played out with the twists and turns and be complicated enough that Reese would put himself in real peril.”

The reason behind bringing Taraji back at this point in time was that Reese needed that emotional break and the creators always give their best shot in the last few episodes so they had to fire up.’But what I think we see with Reese, he’s gone through something and it has left his mark on him,’ says Nolan.

Nolan further added that Melissa Scrivner Love and Erik Mountain, writers of the episode, coated the episode with dark secret messages and that the fire they are using here is only getting stronger and it doesn’t end well for the characters.

Person of Interest airs on CBS on Tuesday 10/9c.