NetherRealm Finally Issues Update Over Mortal Kombat X’s Shaky PC Launch

Botched releases have become too common in the past couple of years. It’s seldom that a major game featuring an important online mode will see to a smooth release, and not have players complain about crippled online services.

With Mortal Kombat X though, things took a new turn when a majority of players were not even able to download the PC version. What made the situation even sourer was the fact that there was no acknowledgement or update from NetherRealm Studios that could inform users of what was wrong.

Players took salvation in forums where discussions helped them connect the dots and realize why Steam was being a pain. In the beginning it was a mystery as to why players were only able to download 3.0 GB of the game which in its specifications told of a total of 36 GB in size.

It came to light then that Mortal Kombat X was testing a new installation system on Steam, where players would download a smaller portion of the game to begin playing. The rest of the game would then continue downloading in the background, while players tried the game’s tutorial or practice mode.

Downloading the first 3.0 GB did in fact allowed players to start the game, but they were only met with the menu screen. Everything was locked out and executing any mode would make the game crash.

Here was the opening message of the game:

Mortal Kombat X uses a streaming install system to allow the game to be played while additional content downloads in the background. If Online, Story Mode, Characters or Backgrounds are locked, the game content has not finished downloading. Please check your Steam download queue to verify the download status of Mortal Kombat X Install packs 01 through 29.

Ideally, the game should have begun downloading the installation packs from 01 through 29, but it did not. Players were left stranded for almost an entire day staring at the menu screen and unable to pre-load the game – even after it was released.

The home page of Steam mentioning that Mortal Kombat X was now available, also did not help matters.

Around four-five hours back, the Steam client finally woke up and started downloading the remaining files. If your game is still not being downloaded, simply head into the game’s DLC menu through its Properties by right clicking and tick all the packs present there. Steam will then do the rest.

At the moment I have downloaded the first ten packs and can now at least see the character selection screen.

However, it was only minutes before that NetherRealm Studios finally issued a statement on Twitter. “We are aware of issues with PC and are working closely with Steam to resolve it.” Honestly I believe they seem surprised that there were issues with the PC version.

High Voltage Software was responsible for the PC version, but seeing its inactive social media accounts, nobody expected them to respond to the flaming tweets. Actually, it still has not provided any sort of updates, and has left NetherRealm to do the honors.

Developers and publishers should realize that constant communication in such scenarios is highly appreciated by consumers. A perfect release is never guaranteed, but at least you can keep your customers informed.

Mortal Kombat X currently has earned a long list of negative reviews on its Steam Store Page. Saddening really, since the game itself looks very promising.

We also have comprised a guide to help you out, in case you’re facing other errors with the game on the PC.