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Mortal Kombat X Gets Six Packs of Microtransactions

I am sure you guys are all pumped up for the grotesque fatalities that Mortal Kombat X is going to let you perform on other players. Some are so sick that you have to perform them a couple more times before you can finally stop wincing at seeing them again.

However, not all of the fatalities offered by the game are easy to perform – we have seen our testers trying multiple times in the fatality practice before they can actually get the hang of it. More importantly, many are to be unlocked through the Krypt.

Not everyone wants to toil around for such a long time. Which is why NetherRealm Studios is offering something to make this, and other things, easier for you in the form of microtransactions. Oh and when I say other things I mean the four handed beast Goro!

Now I understand that the reaction from among the community is going to be varied, but I guess the developers thought it was better to add them to the game instead of ignoring. Here’s what they are offering:

  • Samurai Pack (bundle only) – The Samurai Pack offers three new character skins that reimagines favorite Mortal Kombat X characters as Imperial Samurai and Ronin.
  • Kombat Pack ($29.99 USD) – Kombat Pack grants early access to 4 new playable characters and skin packs (including Jason Vorhees and Predator).
  • Goro ($4.99 USD) – Fight As Goro, fully playable character.
  • Easy Fatalities (five for $0.99 and 30 for $4.99) – Purchase a pack of Easy Fatalities giving you access to Fatalities with simplified inputs.
  • Blue Steel Sub-Zero ($1.99 USD) – Play as Blue Steel Sub-Zero. A portion of Blue Steel Sub Zero proceeds will go towards funding the Mortal Kombat X Who’s Next Tournament Prize Pool.
  • Unlock all Krypt items ($19.99 USD) – Unlock everything in the Krypt. All items available through gameplay. Purchase now to save time.

So tell us, do you think it is a good idea to let everyone get their hands on the perks so easily? Also, don’t you think Mortal Kombat X microtransations are pretty steep in price?