Guitar Hero Live Officially Announced With Launch Trailer

Guitar Hero Live is the new installment in the musical franchise and will allow players to play in front of real crowds with real reactions.

The part about crowd reactions is not something new to the franchise but has always been in the shape of a lesser feature. This time around though, it is one of the main focuses in the game. The crowds will react lively and directly to how well you’re playing on stage. Your performance will let you feed off the crowd’s energy.

Activison has also revealed the new controller which has gone through a design change. Previously, Guitar Hero controllers featured five buttons for your five fingers. For Guitar Hero Live, there is a completely new button layout with six.

Guitar Hero Live - Controller

The buttons are designed as split frets. They do cover a smaller length of the neck than before, but with the new layout will provide a new challenge for players.

Guitar Hero Live is slated for a release in August this year. With a lack of good rhythm games in the market, Guitar Hero Live has the potential to rack up good numbers, provided that the release is stable.

A complete list of tracks will probably be given soon. At the moment though, the official blurb promises to have more content than players can play through.