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Guitar Hero Live Details Leaked Ahead of Official Announcement

We have been hearing of a new Guitar Hero title since a while, but only recently things started getting really pumped up for the series fans.

Activision teased a new game reveal through a short trailer recently. While the trailer itself doesn’t mention the game but it was pretty evident that we were taking about the next title in the series. The report also claimed that an official reveal was coming at 3PM GMT today i.e. April 14, 2015 which was in line with the original rumors of an April reveal.

However, all that is old news now because the latest title in the series, Guitar Hero Live has been actually leaked online. This is interesting because even the leak came a little earlier than the actual reveal as suggested by the previous report.

The leak was originally reported on by a French news paper Le Monde and later published by Yahoo France (thanks, Eurogamer). The story has now been pulled, but that was after we were able to know all there was to know about Guitar Hero Live.

What we know now is that the game is shifting to a first person perspective as opposed to the previous titles. This means you will, for the first time, experience what it is like to face the crowds in a concert.

Also, it will be bringing in a new peripheral in the form of a redesigned guitar controller. This one has six notes of black and white spread into two rows. the idea behind this is to make the player feel like he/ she is actually playing on a guitar with his/ her hands.

Expect more on Guitar Hero Live from the official reveal later.