Gossip Alert: Zayn Malik And Perrie Edwards Getting Married in Disneyland

Ever since Zayn Malik left One Direction, all directioners are mourning day and night. Some have even tried to buy the band however, if this is true, the 22 year old singer might be able to win his fans back.

Reportedly, Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are all set for a June wedding at Disneyland; the perfect prince charming wants to give Edwards a fairytale of her own.

Heatworld was the first to share the information and they have seemingly stated a few clues which are not wrong after all.

If we join the clues, this might be the answer to all rumors about the wedding. Although, the couple was on the verge of breaking because Malik was allegedly cheating on Edwards with four other women but here we are.

First thing that made everyone suspicious was an Intagram photo put up by Saafa, Zayn’s sister, on April 2 with the caption, “Cinderella #loveweddings” although the picture magically disappeared after a few hours.

Sophia Smith, Liam Payne’s girlfriend, posted a picture of Edwards standing in front of a carriage with dozens of cream invites, just like Cinderella did. It does connect though, carriage, invites and a wedding dress.

However, the idea that suggested Disneyland could be either one of these two or both. Edwards loves Disneyland and second Katherine Spires told her Little Mix fans that she will be visiting Disneyland in June.

We have to wait until the word comes out from official sources or for June itself.