Fallout Assets Discovered in Skyrim’s Creation Engine

Bethesda Softworks has been very selective when it comes to addressing the rumored Fallout 4. The refusal of acknowledging its development in the light of several hints gathered by fans from the web over the years, has left us grasping for every straw. The unofficial consensus is yes, Fallout 4 is very much in development and is strongly suspected to be announced at E3 this year.

Until then, the community will continue to unearth new rumors pointing to its existence. Recently, YouTube user MrMattyPlays discovered plenty of Fallout assets in the Creation Engine of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This has led him to believe that the new installment will in some way recycle the old assets.

You can see the video above where he explains his speculation, while also adding disclaimers at multiple points that this discovery could also mean nothing.

Elsewhere, senior multiplayer designer Josh Hamrick joining Bethesda Softworks has begun gossip that Fallout 4 will feature a multiplayer mode. The game previously has only been known for its single player. Connecting the dots with another batch of rumors pertaining to Fallout 4 being a MMO, the online functionality could very much be there.

E3 2015 will take place in June. Traditionally, Bethesda has always left a surprise announcement for last. We’ll see if it nonchalantly shows us a trailer at the end which leads to everyone scampering for their social media accounts.