The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CM Talks Monster Behavior, Fying Heads and More

The world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is filled with monsters, beasts and all sorts of other creatures who will hunt to survive. These creatures will be smart and will know when they are in danger.

They remain as far away from human population as possible, but will do anything to survive. Community Manager Community Manager Chris Priestly explained a bit about the behavior of these creatures, and other NPC characters in the game.

He said that players can lure monsters to nearby towns or villages. However, as I said they are smart creatures so it won’t be easy to do, but it is possible.

Same is the case with town folks; they are smarter compared to previous games and won’t just stand there to be killed by a creature. They will fight back or go and hide in their homes. Those who do choose to fight, can make the job easier for our protagonist.

Priestly further added:

Animals and monsters can attack each other. And random NPCs can and will attack or be attacked by monsters/creatures depending on the situation. One lone farmer walking down the road could be set upon by 2 – 3 wolves. He would likely try to run, but would probably become wolf dinner.

According to Priestley, wolves aren’t stupid enough to attack a squad from the army as they value their lives. Also, you have to take day/night cycle into consideration, as some animals are stronger at night and hunt better.

Some Witcher 3 fans also complained about the lack of realism when it comes to decapitations and finishers. Priestly replied to this by saying:

Realism eh? Like shooting fire from your hands, undead spirits and giant lionbird monsters that fly? I know that is kind of a pissy argument because there is some “willing suspension of disbelief” that goes into a fantasy game and some elements of reality help keep things grounded.

Priestly replied that their is an artistic license when it comes to developing fantasy worlds. So they take “a few liberties for the sake of good visuals.”

One point of concern related to this was the way heads fly. Priestly agreed that it’s not fully physics accurate, but they decided to make it look cool rather than accurate.

Heads fly because they like it that way!