Ubisoft Wants You to Vote for Rayman In Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo is planning to add new fighters to Super Smash Bros. and is asking fans to vote. Many developers want their characters to appear in the game, just recently Phil Spencer was asked if he had any issue with Banjo being in Super Smash Bros. Due to Banjo being a popular choice, he said he was cool with it.

Now, it seems Ubisoft wants some Smash action by bringing Rayman to the brawler. The company shared a doctored image on Facebook and asked fans to vote for Raymen in Smash.

Yesterday’s ‪#‎RetroRayman‬ revealed! A Raymanized Smash or a Smashified ‪#‎Rayman‬? You just might be able to help make that happen

They also shared a link to Nintendo Super Smash Fighter Ballot, whose results will determine which characters will appear in Smash.

Ubisoft and Nintendo haven’t been on the best of terms lately. The publisher dropped AAA support for Nintendo Wii U last year, and said that Wii U install base is an issue in addition to the kind of games Nintendo fans play. The company further said that they would like to focus on games which are more suitable for Nintendo gamers.

I read a few comments on Ubisoft’s Facebook post,  some fans said they would vote for Raymen if Ubisoft starts supporting Wii U again. I don’t know how the majority feels about that but you can see how disappointed Nintendo fans are due to Ubisoft’s lack of interest in Wii U.

Bringing third party characters to Smash is beneficial for both Nintendo and the third party in question.  Maybe it will help improve the relationship between said parties and as result, fans will benefit the most.