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The Witcher 3 Dev Discusses Modding, Redkit, Clouds, Fog and More

As we draw closer to the release date of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, fans of the series who have been with Geralt of Rivia since the past two games not only get more excited but also concerned that each and everything in the game meets the expectations.

This is why you have seen the developers coming up with details, interviews, Q&A sessions and more – just so that everything gets conveyed, and I think they have done a pretty good job so far.

What we have at hand right now are some details that the visual effects lead for CD Projekt Red, José Teixeira has shared in an interview.

While the interview is not in English we have had to rely on the translations provided at the bottom of the video, so bear with us if something is out of the line.

That being said, he started off by discussing how certain things in the environments have evolved like the clouds, shadows and fog; then went on to discuss the need for volumetric fog effects which, although the game doesn’t have, Teixeira believes would be the best way to present the effects.

Talking about the future, after Geralt, he was asked if there were plans for user created Withcer games (mods) or other iterations where we play with Ciri. To this he said that at this point they had not planned that but there are expansions which are going too keep the game going for a while.

Although he did say that if fans start pressuring us for another game then we will probably make it.

About Modding he said that currently the Redkit was very complicated and they were trying to make it easy to use for the public. It it complicated because many new things were added to it and very quickly, he said.

Then about the Redkit being permissive like Skyrim he said that once they have optimized it for public use it will definitely give freedom to the gamers to do what they want. Most importantly he said that all the content and items available in the last two games will be there in the new Redkit.

The Witcher 3 releases on May 19.