The Order 1886 Japanese Version Doesn’t Have Nipples

Video games in Japan go through a pretty strict censorship compared to that of the west, and The Order 1886 had to go through the same process.

The game came out recently in Japan and other regions but there was some differences in the Japanese and western versions. The Order 1886 released in Japan had no nipples or a penis. Confused? Let me explain.

The Order 1886 features some nudity towards the middle and later part of the game. In one scene, you can clearly see an exposed breast and penis. However, you won’t find that in the Japanese version.

The Order 1886

You may be thinking that they covered up the exposed parts, which is true in the case of an exposed penis, but they haven’t done that with the breast. Instead, they removed the nipples and kept the breast exposed. This makes the scene really really weird to look at.

There are some videos on YouTube, comparing the original and edited versions of the game which you should take a look at.

It’s a really strange way to deal with nudity isn’t it? They covered up the guy with a pair of pants, but the women had to sacrifice their nipples? Injustice!