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The Order: 1886 Adds Powerful Photo Mode

The latest update to The Order: 1886 has added a powerful Photo Mode that will allow players to compose, capture, edit, and then share screenshots with their friends.

Following its addition in inFamous: Second Son, we’ve come to see it as a customary inclusion to every major release since the past year. Hence, it was of little surprise that players of The Order: 1886 had been requesting the feature since the game’s release earlier this year.

The Photo Mode was developed and designed from the ground up by Ready At Dawn. Players will be able to choose a “color Grading” before playing. The feature allows you to tweak the contrast, make the lighting more gritty, or simply douse the game in black and white.

“Since The Order: 1886 is completely rendered in real-time with no pre-rendered frames, you’re able to play in a customised look from beginning to end,” said the studio.

Players can switch between the Color Grading styles on the fly during gameplay. Simply enter the Photo Mode and tinker with the adjustments. There’s also a nifty reset option in case you’re not too happy with your options, or if you’ve just tweaked the game far below the comfort levels.

The Order: 1886 is available now exclusively for the PlayStation 4.