Jon Snow Tries to Summarize Game of Thrones in 20 Seconds

In an interview with ABC News Entertainment Pop, Kit Harington summarized all four Game of Thrones seasons in 20 seconds, or at least tried to do so.

It is quite difficult to summarize the major events followed in the show but to give an overview of all 456 deaths in the first four seasons, is just cruel. Kit Harington plays the bastard son of Ned Stark Jon Snow and he has done a good job on ‘Game of Thrones in 20 Seconds’.

So basically he started with the White Walkers, Ned Stark’s death, Jon Snow getting lost, falling in love, death, incest, incest, death, death and more deaths. If we look back at the four seasons, first season had a total of 58 deaths.

Second had 130 whereas the third had 86 deaths but the fourth season had a total of 182 deaths.

With the new season already on TVs, I am sure this mortality rate will just continue on to increase. Especially because the Sand Snakes are the new addition and they have no mercy, all they care about is vengeance.

Check out the video and if you have not followed Game of Thrones, this will give you an idea.