Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Special Editions Revealed

Information has arrived on the different editions of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward which will be available on release.

Set to launch on June 23 for the PS3, PS4, and PC, the standard edition will be available in both retail and digital format for $39.99. Do note though that you’ll be required to own and finish the story elements of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn before taking on the new expansion pack.

The Collector’s Edition will be sold at a pricey $129.99, and comes with a sleek dragon mount figure, an art book, a Blu-Ray of all the game’s previous trailers, and five in-game items – all in a special Dragonsong War Box. There’s also an option of purchasing the Collector’s Edition digitally for $59.99, but this will come without the physical content.

The third edition bundles both Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for $59.99. Those who have yet to try out the game, would perhaps be interested in giving this edition a try.

In the game’s latest expansion pack, players will head out to Ishgard where the main campaign will clock out over fifty hours. A new Dark Knight class is being introduced, flying mounts will work in these new regions, there will be a total of nine new areas to explore, new weapons, armors, recipes, jobs, raids, dungeons, and more.