Donna Burke Apologizes for Giving the Wrong Impression on Kojima’s Departure

The biggest shock of the year for us all Metal Gear fans was hearing rumors regarding Kojima’s departure from Konami. The genius behind Metal Gear, the creator of the legacy of Bigg Boss, Boss and many other characters was leaving.

Konami was vague about the matter in their statements, it wasn’t clear if he’s actually leaving or are there some contract changes.

Fans who were already concerned, were hugely disappointed when Donna Burke, whose song was used in the Phantom Pain trailer, claimed that Kojima has been fired. My first reaction to this news was, “Have people at Konami lost their minds?”

She said five years of Kojima’s work shouldn’t be thrown away, because higher management decided to fire a genius. Fortunately, it looks like she was a bit misinformed on the matter. She has now apologized for her claim and said that Kojima isn’t fired.

Konami is correct in that Kojima has not actually been fired. As I stated previously he and his team are still working hard on getting the game out. My sincere apologies to Konami, Hideo Kojima and the fans for giving the wrong impression.

I was trying to add my voice to Otsuka-san pleading with the fans to not abandon MGSV because of the stuff happening at Konami and to throw my support behind Kojima and everyone who has worked over the last five years and is working to make this game the greatest ever.

That’s a relief, Kojima leaving Konami right now will be disaster for the company and for The Phantom Pain. Kojima himself has previously stated that he is “100% involved” in The Phantom Pain and will make sure the project is complete.

However, his future beyond the project isn’t yet fully discussed by him or Konami. We have been hearing that he will leave the company after the game is complete.

This also puts a huge question mark on the future of Silent Hills.