Diablo III Season 3 is Now Live with New Legendaries, Conquests, Rewards

Blizzard provides the new comers and players starting fresh with an opportunity to get going in Diablo III with seasons.

Since the Season 2 has ended recently on April 5, 2015, the developers jumped up the preparation of the Season 3 complete with the new legendary items you are going to get, the cosmetic rewards as well as the new conquests and achievements.

It is now time for the action to begin! Diablo III Season 3 is now live!

However, if you want an introduction (or a re-introduction) with the seasons program, the official battle.net website has explained what they are and what they do:

Start fresh, leveling new Normal or Hardcore heroes from level 1 without any currency, resources, items, or previously earned Paragon experience. Similar to the separation between Normal and Hardcore game modes, Seasonal heroes will also have their own shared stash and Artisan progression. Any currency, materials, recipes, items, Paragon experience, and Artisan progression earned during a Season will be rolled over to a player’s non-Seasonal profile once the Season concludes.

In case you are wondering what exactly does the Season 3 offer, developers have previously explained the features most notably legendaries that are going to be introduced to Diablo III.

Those who take part in the new season will be looking at a set of those legendaries to claim alongside season based achievements and an exclusive Transmogrification set that no one else can get but those who compete in the season.

In parallel news, US sanctions have resulted in blockage of all battle.net services in Crimea which means fans of WoW, Hearthstone, StarCraft II and Diablo III are going to be left alone in the region.