Destiny: House of Wolves Releases on May 19

House of Wolves, the second major expansion to Destiny, will officially launch on May 19 across all platforms, Activision has announced.

The new story will focus on a group of Fallen enemies who have betrayed a truce with the Reef’s enigmatic Queen. Naturally, there are going to be consequences to that and players will find themselves back at the Reef area, which was only briefly explored in the original game.

House of Wolves is going to introduce new story missions, three new competitive multiplayer maps, a new cooperative strike, and a new Crucible mode. There’s still no word about a new Raid, but The Prison of Elders “arena activity” has been teased by Activision. An earlier rumor stated that the new Raid would be called “The Arena.”

Alongside that, players can of course look forward to obtaining new weapons and items to make their journey across Destiny more comfortable.

House of Wolves is going to be available for $19.99, and is part of the game’s $34.99 Expansion Pass which also includes the first expansion pack “The Dark Below” which was released last December.

Destiny is currently available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The second expansion pack has been confirmed to release simultaneously next month for all platforms.