Coachella 2015 Put on Fire by Madonna, Drake Smooch

We all remember when Madonna surprised us all, when she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Video Awards. Well, you can’t say no to the queen of pop do you!

Apparently, Drake just got a first hand experience of that too; and it was at none other than the Coachella 2015 mega music festival where Madonna initially took the crowd by storm by making a surprise appearance and then went on to shake the floor with the spell she keeps under those buttons for the past few decades!

All the raving got beyond just hot when she bent over Drake as he sat on the chair and locked lips for what looked like a pretty long time.

It ended the only way it could, with Drake recoiling under all what was happening around him.

Since I know that like the 12 year old kiss of her’s with other female stars in 2003, this one is also going to be remembered for a long time, we have embedded the short video clip above so that you can check it out.

Coachella 2015 is currently live and being attended by tons of music fans, the highlights of the show include Drake, AC/DC and Jack White.