Ant-Man: Marvel Releases a New Trailer, Doesn’t Fail to Impress

When a movie named Ant-Man is announced, what is the general reaction? People perceive it as anything but a serious action movie right? Same happened when the Studios released the first look of Ant-Man.

Although the concept is taken from the comics and people ‘love’ comic superhero sci-fi, and it’s kind of a sure short hit at the box, but fans were disappointed. After showing a teaser at MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, Marvel released its complete oh-so-cool trailer.

This full trailer has some amazing punch lines. Like when Paul Rudd (ANT-Man) says, ‘My days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over.’ And Michael Douglas in a very casual manner replies with ‘I need you to break into a place and steal some stuff.’

Ant-man is also having some problem getting used to the idea of being a super hero and especially that name. ‘I know; it wasn’t my idea,’ says the Ant-Man.

He is a soldier of a size of an insect, which could be their ultimate secret weapon. Because when he is as small as an ant it gives him extra speed and ability to do things without getting noticed. The upside of the entire trailer was that Rudd gets sucker punched, Twice by Evangeline Lilly.

Ant-Man directed by Peyton Reed is set to release on July 17.