Rainbow Six: Siege Closed Alpha Footage Shared Online

Rainbow Six Siege closed Alpha footage has been shared on YouTube by Arkezz Gaming, which gives us a brief look into the classes. Developer Ubisoft has also been talking about classes for a while, and explaining how different strategies will affect gameplay.

However, they have showed nothing but a simple hostage rescue mode (seen above) which makes me think if there is anything else in this game besides it? How will they justify the price tag with only one mode? They haven’t talked much about a story mode or any other multiplayer aspect.

I’m sure there is more to the game, there will be more to the game, but their complete focus on this one mode is suspicious and to me, it’s becoming annoying.

Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t always Siege, if you remember, it was Rainbow Six: Patriots. The game just wasn’t what Ubisoft wanted to make so they scrapped it in favor of Siege. Judging by the reception Siege has got so far, it looks like Ubisoft made the right call with Patriots.

As I said, in the above footage we are  given an in-sight on operators and how they work together. We are shown different tactics we can use to our advantage.

The game looks great but I feel they are stretching this hostage thing a bit too much. What else does Rainbow Six: Siege has to offer? That’s what I want to know don’t you?

Rainbow Six is expected sometime later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One PC.